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Warren Sheridan, LPC-A

My ideal client is navigating the complexities of depression, anxiety, trauma, abuse, or grief, seeking a path to healing and peace. They aim to overcome these challenges, guided by faith and resilience, aspiring to find balance and joy in their life again. They seek understanding, relief from their pain, and strategies to rebuild their strength and hope.

I specialize in addressing depression, anxiety, trauma, abuse, and grief, integrating therapeutic techniques with a Christian counseling approach. My aim is to provide a compassionate, faith-based space for healing and growth, helping clients find peace and purpose.

Understanding the courage it takes to seek help, I'm here to walk with you through your journey of healing and self-discovery. If you're looking for a compassionate guide rooted in faith, please feel encouraged to reach out. Let's work together towards the peace and fulfillment you deserve.

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