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Roderick Cantu, MS, Biblical Counselor

My ideal client is an adolescent navigating the complexities of growing up in a diverse cultural landscape. They might struggle with identity, peer relationships, or academic pressures and seek a supportive space to explore these challenges. Their goal is to find balance, understand their personal and cultural identity, and develop resilience. They desire guidance that respects their cultural background and personal beliefs, aiming for a counselor who can integrate faith into the counseling process to provide holistic support.

With a MS in Leadership, fluency in Spanish, and a background in Biblical studies, I specialize in offering culturally sensitive and faith-integrated counseling to adolescents. My approach fosters an environment of understanding and growth, helping clients navigate their social and emotional issues.

Understanding the unique challenges faced by adolescents today, I'm here to offer a compassionate, culturally aware, and faith-based counseling experience. If you're seeking guidance that honors both your cultural background and personal journey, I invite you to reach out. Let's explore this path together, grounded in faith and mutual respect.

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