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Mathew Leger, LPC-A

My ideal client is an adolescent or teenager grappling with the challenges of academics and navigating complex social and emotional landscapes. I also work with men, women and couples experiencing mental distress. They're seeking ways to improve their academic or work performance while also striving for emotional balance and healthier social interactions. They want guidance to manage their stress, understand their emotions, and enhance their interpersonal skills to achieve personal growth and academic success.

I specialize in supporting adults, adolescents and teenagers who face academic, work and social/emotional difficulties. Utilizing a compassionate approach that combines evidence-based practices with Christian counseling principles, I offer tailored strategies to empower young individuals in overcoming their challenges and achieving their goals.

I understand how overwhelming it can feel to juggle academic pressures with personal growth. If you or your child is struggling, I'm here to provide a supportive and understanding environment to explore these challenges together. Let's work towards fostering resilience, confidence, and success.

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